Friday, 5 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas Make-up Products - Blogmas Day 5

I have quite a few "Christmassy" kind of make-up products. By this, I mean make-up products that are suitable for a make-up Christmas look.

One of these are my Oh So Special Sleep Eyeshadow Palette. Theres quite a few shades on this palette that I would class as Christmassy, like the two simmery champagne shades and the shimmery blue.

Another product is a product that has already been mentioned twice on this blog in the last month, which is the Bourjois Rouge Edition in 18. I will be putting up a proper review for this but I think this is a very berry lipstick and I think its perfect for Christmassy look.

The next one is the blush from the Sleek Bronze Block. I really like this as it gives the "Just come out of the cold" kind of look, haha. Also, this is great as it comes with three different shades of bronzer in it too.

I think the Collection Blush & Highlight Cream Duo are a very Christmassy type of products. The highlight is very shimmery and the blush (which I normally use for my lips) is a pale Barbie pink shade.

Lastly, is the Barry M 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. This is a product that I don't use often but I do love this product. Its a very buildable smoky brown colour that stays on really, really well.

So that is it for todays Blogmas post. I am really enjoying these even though they do prove to be a bit of a challenge to get everything ready everyday but I hope you enjoy reading them.



  1. The color tattoo looks gorgeous. I have the one in chocolate suede and I really like it.


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