Wednesday, 5 August 2015

This Post isn't Socially Acceptable

I'm not sure I'm aloud to say this, but I am confident about my body shape/size. Yes, I have a bit of a muffin top and I also have legs that resemble tree trunks, with stretch marks like tree bark. But, I am happy with my body. Yes, there I said it, I'm happy with my body. And I am so so (x100) lucky that I feel this way because more than the majority of teen girls don't feel this away about their body.

But I feel like I can't say this out loud. I feel like it might offend someone - the fact that I'm happy with my body. I feel like I would be boasting if I admitted it out loud, so instead I just cover it up by saying that I see myself as fat etc. This isn't fair on anyone, the self conscious people and the confident. 

And I'm not saying that I have the perfect body, I'm far from that but I'm happy with my body. And I don't see why we must have the "perfect" body to be happy with your body. My body has loads of flaws, but I don't mind them. Could you (yes you, the reader) just try not to care so much about what people think? Because at the end of the day what you care is what matters (horrible cheesy quote, just give me a minute for my cringe to pass).

I'm writing this as a blog post in order to help the people who are self conscious and the people in my position, in the hope to change someones mind on the idea of feeling obligated to feel like you're am fat. Who is it helping? It's not helping me, as it makes me see my flaws. And it's not helping you, as it makes you feel even worse about yourself.

If this post happened to offend anyone, I'm really sorry..

This post is a bit out of the ordinary, but I felt like I should write it, just to get the message out there, even if only one person reads it. I will be back with a more cheerful post soon, I promise.

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  1. I really agree with you here, I feel okay with my body shape as well! I think that I'm healthy for my height and age, though some may not think so I am. but I feel if I say this to someone they may think I am really cocky or I think I have the dream body, and I don't! Be proud of who you are, as long as your happy that's the most important thing x

    1. At the end of the day, your opinion is what's important! xx

  2. Loveee this gurl!! YES BODY POSITIVITY!! And I think it's insane that society teaches us that to be confident(and not care what people think of us) is great! but then you can't be "too" confident,because of what other people would think of that ya know XD like it's so hypocritical and crazy hahah,honestly I'm so happy you're in a good place with yourself gal! and embracing your flaws rather than focusing on them,love it! and this is such a great message for people to hear! xxxx

  3. Wonderful post! I love it:)

  4. Love this!

  5. Love this so much, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body no matter what shape or size!

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE x

  6. Love this so much, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body no matter what shape or size!

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE x

  7. Amazing post Emily and you shouldn't be ashamed that you feel comfortable in your body because that's how everyone should feel! Also, thank you for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it :)

    Have an amazing day,


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