Wednesday, 19 August 2015

6 Back to School Life Hacks

The first of my back to school series is here, some life hacks to help you through the school year.

1. Want to make some extra money from just browing the web?

It can be hard to make money whilst in school, but by using QMee you can get paid 5p for just clicking a website (I will link the website, to explain it a little better)

2. Searching for a particular word/phrase in a document or website?

You can use CTRL F (for windows) to get a certain word highlighted to help you find it.

3. Struggle with your alarm?

There are two ways I use to get around this- put your alarm the other side of your room, so you actually have to ge up to switch it off or you can use this great alarm app - Sleep Time (free), which records your sleep movements and plays an alarm when you're in your lightest sleep, so getting up isn't so hard..

4. Lost or forget your schedule?

You can set your timetable/schedule as your phone background so you can see your schedule by just unlocking your phone.

5. Headphones tangled?

Pick a spot half way down the wire and shake it (for at least 10 seconds) (this actually sort of works) 

6. Need to block a website to stop procrastination?

By going to, you can block a website (facebook or youtube etc.) for however long you like.

What's your school life hack if you've got one?

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post, I promise more posts in this Back to School series..



  1. Great hacks! The blocking website one is very useful for anyone at any stage of life if they need to avoid procrastination x

  2. I wish I knew about the website blocker back when I was at school.. I definitely needed it!

  3. The last two are literal life savers haha thanks so much!
    Peace xo

  4. Great tips! The website blocker sounds so handy and the sleeping app sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

    Aim | x x


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