Sunday, 5 January 2014

Whats in my Make-up Bag?

So today, I thought I would do a what's in my make-up bag blogpost but I thought I would leave everything that was in my December Favourites blogpost and un-needed products (lip-glosses etc.) out. I have just written a little about my 5 chosen products. :)
Firstly my make-up bag is from The Aviary. I got it from a local shop in town and I really like the patterns and its size. I think its just a really pretty make-up bag and the zips are just so cute.
First thing is my Mac Matchmaster foundation in the shade 0.1 . I haven't used it for very long but its a really good foundation with a medium foundation and a matte finish.
The second product is my So Susan Pure Luminizer. It came in a set with the lip stain which I mentioned in my last blogpost. I really like this luminizer and I normally just put a small amount on my brow bones.
The third is my Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer. I find that this concealer has a good coverage and isn't too cakey. It has a good application too and I really like it to cover up under my eyes and any redness or blemishes.
The next is my Beauty UK Line and Define Eye Pencil. This is a really good eyeliner just for my waterline. I think it was about £2 or something but it has really good quality.
The last product I am going to mention is this Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner. This is just a really good eyeliner for anything like cat eyeliner etc. . I like it because it can do almost any job that other liquid liners do and it was really cheap.
Side-note: Sorry I haven't posted daily for a couple of days as I went away without my laptop :(. Also as school is starting soon I will only be posting once or twice a week.