Monday, 29 December 2014

Reflective Monday

I thought today I would do more of a thoughtful, reflective post for you all. I feel like I want to have a little sit down and I guess chat about some things.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has done my survey, its been a great help to see what you see in my blog and how to improve etc. I would definitely advise making a survey for any other bloggers here. Its a great way to see what your readers think of your blog. I also love Typeform for it too.

I'm having to go back to school a week today and thats been on my mind lately. I feel like the Christmas break is the busiest of all. I spent all of last week working or celebrating. Only the last couple of days have I been able to really relax and think. School is something that I have been putting at the back of my mind. Even though I do like actually doing something everyday, and talking and socialising with friends, it can get a bit overwhelming. But then again, I feel like a lot of things can get a little overwhelming for me.

I have also started working out some more. I have either gone for a run or done a workout about 4 days in a row which is an accomplishment for me. I was wondering if you would like to see a sort of fitness post in the new year, to get you motivated but I'm not too sure what to specifically write about.

I hope that this post wasn't too boring and wasn't not your cup of tea. I hope to be doing some posts similar to this in the New Year, but if you're not too keen then please let me know.


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blog Reader Survey for 2015

As you would of seen on many other blogs, there have been quite a few surveys being made. I thought I would jump onto this bandwagon and make my own survey. I would love it if you could take part, it will only take a minute or two. It will help me improve my blog for you, my readers.

To take part click here

I will possibly have a proper post up today or tomorrow, so keep a look out for that.


Saturday, 27 December 2014

My Evening Skincare Routine

Today's post is going to be my evening skincare routine. I thought I would take you through the products I use, their benefits and how I use them. I do this routine about once a week, and maybe just a face mask or cleanse mid week.
To start off with I cleanse my skin. I use the Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. I am in love with this cleanser, as you may have heard in my November Favourites. I love how its so pure, with no harsh things in it, very much like a lot of Lush products. I put a bit of this in the palm of my hand, add a little warm water and scrub it in the palm of my hand to get it a bit more like a paste. I scrub it on my face then, like a normal cleanser and wash it off.
This cleanser is a really good match for me, as I have dry and sensitive skin. This is a really gentle exfoliator and the lavender scent through this just adds that spa like feel.

 The next step to my evening skincare routine is face masks. I tend to go from the Superdrug Cooling face mask and the Virgin Vie Vitamin C mask. Today I used the Superdrug one so I will explain about that. This mask is a little more of a cleanser/exfoliator than a mask. You apply it to damp skin, and rub it into your skin. Then I wait a few minutes and wash it off. This is the first face mask I've tried that actually helps my sensitive skin by Superdrug. My skin feels really smooth, and although a little dry, any old moisturiser can fix that.
 Moisturising is the next on my list. Today I used the Liz Earle moisturiser but I do usually use the Simple moisturiser on a daily basis. The Liz Earle on it just thicker and a deeper moisturiser than the Simple one. It also gives a nice glowing finish that I like. To apply this, I just apply it like any moisturiser, by just applying it onto my face.
My next step is a little new to me and its applying oil to my face. If I'm completely honest, I hate oil. I just hate the feeling and texture of it. From olive oil to skincare oil. But, to help my skin I have been applying the trilogy Rosehip oil. This just gives my skin that little more moisturisation needed for my dry skin, even after the moisturiser. I just take the pipette and put one drop on my forehead, one on both cheeks and one on the nose and another on the chin. I rub that in. I do advise that you have to put this on before sleeping, as it takes a long while to be absorbed by the skin. 
Lastly, I apply my Burts Bees lip balm. This is a big love of mine, as it is a minty lip balm that does the job. I would definitely advise going for some Burts Bees lip balms than just a Nivea one as I believe that this just does a better job all round.
I hope you enjoyed this little post, I really enjoyed writing it. In 2015 I want to expand my variety of different posts, and I think this is the first step to that goal.
What's your favourite skincare product?


Friday, 26 December 2014

What's in my Make-up Bag? Updated

Around a year ago, I did a what's in my make-up bag, and it has become one of my most popular posts. Today, I thought I would do an updated one, giving you the list of the contents of my make-up bag. I won't be giving too much detail, because I thought I would keep that for another post/s.
My make-up bag is something I got for Christmas yesterday, and its by Zoella Beauty. I was a little hesitant to buying this myself, but I love it now! This morning, I just swapped all my make-up from my last make-up bag into this one, and it has so much room and I love it! I was wondering whether to do my Zoella Beauty collection, as I do have quite a few of her products now, so make sure to let me know if you'd like to see that post.

Sleek Palettes
Clinique moisturiser
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Seventeen lip gloss
Bourjois Rouge Edition 18 Lipstick
No.7 Mascara
Eye-lash curler
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Liner
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post, I am going to try and post as often as possible this week (possibly daily) so remember to keep an eye out for any new posts! 


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Goodbye Blogmas, Hello Christmas - Blogmas Day 24

So this is my little goodbye to Blogmas, and my blog until after Christmas. As todays post, I wanted to just talk about some things that Blogmas has taught me and talk about some plans.

I have officially successfully posted a blog post everyday for 24 days. Thats rather an achievement for me. During this process, I have learnt that I do have a big love for blogging. This time last year, I decided to make a blog, because I honestly didn't know what it was and I really wanted to try it out. Over the last year, I have enjoyed putting posts up, but I only rarely gone and sat down, wrote a post, taken the pictures and posted it. Blogmas has made me force myself to do it daily and I have loved it.

During December, I joined Bloglovin' and its something I would really recommend to any blogger who is trying to discover more bloggers and get a larger audience for their posts. I don't know why I didn't sign up earlier. I have loved reading everyone else's Blogmas Posts and seeing their ideas etc. Bloglovin' has encouraged me to write posts too.

I have also written a much wider variety of blog posts, from DIY's to Morning Routines. This has also made me decide that I want to do more of a variety of posts in 2015. So far, I have been a little too scared to try out some of these kind of posts, it was too out of my comfort zone. Now I know that I really want to try out more of a variety of posts and I can't wait to try more out.

Over December, I realised that I didn't want to rely on my instagram followers to give me views, I wanted people to choose to see my posts and to follow and enjoy them. Blogging throughout this month has made me realise that there are so many people who support my blog.

I also changed my url this month. Honestly, its not a favourite of mine but it will do. This meant having to go from 30 Bloglovin' followers to 0, but I can successfully say that I now have 10 followers now.

Its Christmas eve, and my Blogmas is coming to an end. I will be putting up a post explaining my proper plans throughout 2015, but I can confirm that I will be doing Blogmas next year. Its been such a fun experience that I wanted to do it all over again. I was also thinking of doing something similar for a month in Summer, but I don't know yet.

Expect a post from me soon, I'm obviously taking a break for Christmas, but I will have a few posts next week.

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Themed Pictures - Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone, todays Blogmas is just some Christmas pictures that I have taken of my tree.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you have enjoyed my Blogmas so far, tomorrow will be my last post, and then its Christmas!


Monday, 22 December 2014

A December Morning - Blogmas Day 22

Hey everyone, todays post is going to be much different to normal. I am going to be doing "My Morning Routine" for the Winter. I am far from knowing how to do this kind of posts properly, but I want to try it out and see how it goes and then possibly do some more in the future.

Today, I had nothing planned really so it was a morning where I could take my time etc. These morning arn't common for me so it was so nice to be able to relex in the morning.

The first thing I do is normally get out my laptop. Today I was late putting up Blogmas Day 21, so I posted that and then went though my Bloglovin' feed.

Next, I hopped into the shower. This morning I used the Simple Gentle Shampoo, the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly and just a cheap body wash.

Once I am out (which is normally about 20 minutes later, sorry hot water bill) I go and get dressed. This normally takes me forever even though I normally just go for the jeans and t-shirt thing.

Then, it is time for face. I normally do my skincare routine at night, so in the mornings all I have to do it make-up. Today I used a variety of stuff, in order of application - 
Clinique Moisturiser
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder (applied with the Body Shop Face and Body Brush)
Sleek Oh So Special (Matte White all over lid with Shimmery Pink in crease)
Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner
No.7 Mascara
17 Lip Gloss

I then head downstairs and get some breakfast and put on my favourite Spotify playlist at the moment (Folk Christmas Songs, I think). I normally throw my hair into a ponytail at this point too.

And then I am finished with my morning routine and ready to go and spend probably the rest of the day on my laptop, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I was thinking of doing some kind of day in the life, and that kind of thing posts so please tell me if you would like some of that.


Welcome Winter - Blogmas Day 21

Today is the first official day of winter and I felt like doing a thoughtful, reflective post. It may seem like its been Winter for the last two months (for me anyway!) but its weird thinking yesterday was still Autumn.

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year, and its not just because Christmas. Winter is a time of celebrating, wrapping up warm and enjoying time with family and friends and I love that about Winter. Yes, the weather can be rather crappy in the UK with hardly any snow, and a load of rain, and a white Christmas seems to only exist in songs and films but it is a wonderful thought.

Here are some Wintery pictures-

Sorry this post is a little late, but I will have another up later today x


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas Collab - Blogmas Day 20

Hey everyone, today is the last in Cara and I's trio of Christmas collabs. Seeing as its only 5 days until Christmas (I am extremely excited) we're going to do some last minute gift ideas. Like probably 70% of people, not all of the gifts for my friends and family have been purchased and I bet you're suffering with the same problem (unless you're really organised, then I wish I was more like you!). So, today I will be giving you some ideas on presents that don't take too late to get, and are hopefully really easy to purchase.

Ideas if you're completely stuck-
Personalised Chocolate - You can easily get this from Thorntons and give it to a friend (make sure they like chocolate first) and by having it personalised it looks like you've given a lot more thought into it than just a plain box of chocolates (I am just thinking of Forest Gump right now!)
Quoted Mug - Buy a mug with a quote on it, because everyone uses mugs and giving them one with a quote on it adds a little more friendliness to it.
Boots Sets - Boots is kind of the main "drugstore" shop in the UK. At Christmas their sets of make-up, toileteries are amazing from Jack Wills to Soap and Glory. These are perfect as theres a variety for lots of different females.
Lots of Sweets - Buy your friend a variety of sweets as its a really cheap and easy gift. Put them in a jar, in some vintage paper bags etc. to make the present a little more presentable.

Check the online delivery deadline - I have recieved a few notifications on my phone from places like Asos and Topshop saying that today is the last day to get a gift in time for Christmas. So, if you're fortunate to be able to order something you have in mind, and get it delivered before Christmas then take this chance! But remember to check the deadline as some may only arrive a few days after Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it was helpful. See you tomorrow!


Friday, 19 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas YouTube Videos - Blogmas Day 19

Hey everyone, I broke up from the holidays from school today! Therefore, things are looking better for this blog. I'm pretty sure we're celebrating a year of this blog soon so I should do something special for that, any suggestions?

Todays post is going to be about some of my favourite Christmas themed YouTube videos that have popped up in my subscriptions box this year. So, if you have a spare few minutes, then go and watch my favourite Christmas/Winter themed videos! 

Those were just a few of my favourites that came to mind. I hope you liked this post and discovered some videos to watch and I will talk to you tomorrow! xx


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Nails - Blogmas Day 18

As you may be able to tell by the lower picture, I'm not too good at nail art. The other day I thought to try some Christmas themed nail art. Like yesterday, I thought I would do a walk through type of post and hopefully inspire you to try some Christmas themed nails.
I took this before tidying my nails up, sorry!
For my thumb, I painted my nail white to start off with. I then put two pieces of tape over the nail, leaving only a triangle shape un-taped-over. I got some green nail varnish and painted over the triangle to make the Christmas tree type of thing. For some baubles or lights, I got a dotting tool and dotted some pink dots randomly around the tree. I then pulled off the tape and this is the result.
For the rest of my nails I just painted them the same pink colour as the baubles. I also did the same thing on the other hand.
I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm thinking of doing some more nail art tutorial kind of posts in 2015, so if you're interested then make sure to let me know. Tomorrows the last day of school before breaking up for the holidays, so I hope to have better posts then. 


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Treats - Blogmas Day 17

Today, I tried out some of Zalfies Christmas Treats and I thought I would give like a "first impressions" type of thing. You probably won't understand half the things I'm babbling on about here if you haven't watched this video.

I firstly made the candy cane lolly pops. I couldn't find any lolly-pop sticks so I decided to use another candy cane instead. This did make it a little harder to eat but I think it did look a bit cuter. Personally, I don't think you had to wait for the white chocolate to cool, it was fine straight after melting for me. I didn't try these myself, as I don't like candy canes but for the people who I gave them to, they really enjoyed them. I think these are a really cute little treat to give to friends around Christmas time.

Next, I tried out the melting snowman biscuit. These are the cutest, easiest and enjoyable to make. It is really simple. One thing I would say is that adding the arms and buttons onto the icing was quite tricky though, but done with extra thick icing or hardened icing. These were the cutest thing to make with friends and would recommend to anyone to try out.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have found that since the 12th of December, Blogmas has been harder. I think its just because everything else has been super busy, that its just harder to get a good quality post up.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Christmas Gift Wrapping - Blogmas Day 16

So today I did my first bit of present wrapping and I thought I would do a quick post with pictures of the presents to give you ideas (although my wrapping is nothing special, haha).

 I wrapped the presents with some red wrapping paper
 I added a gold ribbon and some cute gift tags
Sorry about the short post with not very much interesting content, but I will have some better Blogmas posts coming soon. Nine days to go!


Monday, 15 December 2014

Instagram Christmas Q&A - Blogmas Day 15

For todays Blogmas post, I decided to ask a few people on instagram for some Christmas related questions for me to answer so here they are-

Fake or real Christmas tree?
Real Christmas tree all the way. I have always had real Christmas trees and probably always will be. I can't imagine Christmas without the smell of the trees and the little needles that get everywhere haha!

Favourite thing about Christmas?
I did a blog post about this here, but probably overall my favourite thing is to be able to spend time with family and friends and also picking out their presents too.

One reason you would be on the naughty list?
Well having siblings in general puts you on the naughty list, who can last a year without one mean comment or statement towards them?!

One reason you would be on the nice list?
I guess I haven't been a problematic teenager this year really, not many arguments with me parents. Maybe that might get me on the nice list?!

If you had to spend Christmas in someones house, who would you pick?
I guess the obvious answer would be a celebrity, but honestly (and this will probably sound cheesy) I guess I just want to spend it with my family. They're the people I know best, and I can't imagine celebrating Christmas with anyone else.

Favourite Christmas song?
Probably Slade - Merry Christmas I did do a whole blog post on my favourite though xx

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?
The normal, at home with my family :)

What will the world be without YouTube?
This isn't a Christmas question, but if you think about it - if there was no YouTube there will probably be a very similar website anyway so all will be fine :D

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post. I promise to bring more picture content soon, but it is really hard as it gets dark so early x


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Cookie Baking Collab - Blogmas Day 13

Hey everyone! Todays post is gonna be a quite different to the normal post. Todays post is going to be a Christmas cookie baking post. I'm basically going to show you how I made some Christmas cookies I made.

This is a second of Cara and I's collabs, but hers may not be up for a while. I also apologise that this post is up a day late (sorry!).

Firstly, I put butter and sugar together and gave it a mix until it was well combined.

I then whisked an egg together. 
 Next, I added flour, baking soda, the egg and salt. I mixed that all together.

 Next thing I did was roll the mixture out and cut the cookies into snowflake shapes.
 I then put them in the oven at 170'C until cooked.
 Then I put them on a cooling rack to cool.
I am definitely not a baker, but these cookies did turn out to be quite nice. They were also really fun to make with my niece. So, if you have some spare time on your hands, then go and bake some cookies! 


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Christmas Themed Apps - Blogmas Day 14

Hi everyone, todays post is going to be about some Christmas themed apps I have come across that I thought you lot will like to check out possibly.

(Quick note - Theres two posts up today (lucky you) as I was late with yesterdays one)

1. Dash Up!
This is a game I have had for a while. The aim is to get through the gaps (a little like flappy bird). Its recently had a Christmas mode added to it, with baubles etc. I really like it, its really entertaining.

2. Elf Yourself
I saw this all over social media last year, and its back again this year. If you don't know what Elf Yourself is, its an app in which you take a picture of your friends/yourself and watch yourself dance around like an elf. I have got to say, it isn't the greatest app but if you want a quick  Christmas activity to do wih your friends, then try this.

3. Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift
I downloaded this for my nieces to play, and its actually a good hairstyling game. I think the original app (non-Christmas) is like £5 so this is really fun, but probably will end up deleting at the end of Christmas

4. Portable North Pole
This is an app I haven't really explored yet, but it seems quite good. You can make Christmas themed music videos etc. I can't really talk much about this one as I haven't really tried it out yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading this quick post, I enjoyed trying these apps out and I hope you do too. More Blogmas posts soon! 


Friday, 12 December 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition 18 Review - Blogmas Day 12

Hi everyone, today I am going to be doing something I don't often do which is a review. I think I have done one review before, but one of my aims on this blog in 2015 is to do some more reviews. Sticking with a bit of a Christmas theme for Blogmas, I am going to be reviewing the Boujois Rouge Edition lipsitck in shade Violine Strass (number 18). I purchased this about a month ago and I have been loving it ever since.
I do normally stay in my comfort zone when it comes to lipstick and only rarely wear any daring colours a few times a year, so actually buying this was a little different for me. This lipstick is a dark berry shade and I have seen so many people pulling it off so well, and I wanted to try it out. Plus, it seemed like the perfect Christmassy shade.

My favourite thing about this lipstick is that its buildable. As I said, I'm not very daring when it comes to lipstick and when I learnt that this lipstick was buildable I was really happy. Buildable lipsticks are my favourite as you can really put how much you want on depending on how you feel or the look you're going for.

The only downside to this lipstick is that is has little glitter speckles in it. This isn't really a big problem (and its perfect for a Christmassy look) but on a casual basis, I rather not to have sparkly lips. But an upside to this is that it isn't too obvious.

Overall, this lipstick is great in my opinion. The wear of it is great, the shade is great, the application is great. the packaging is great (as all Bourjois products are). I would really recommend this to anyone looking for a purply berry lip shade for the Winter. 

I hope you enjoyed this review, I really enjoyed writing it about one of my favourite purchases lately. I will be having more reviews soon, but they'll probably be once Blogmas is over.


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Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Favourite Blogmas/Vlogmas' So Far - Blogmas Day 11

As it is a days away from being half way though Blogmas, I thought I would tell you my favourite Blogmas' and Vlogmas' so far-
In no particular order

Vivianna Does Make-up - Not technically doing Vlogmas as she's just doing weekly vlogs, but I do enjoy watching them
Hello October - I have really loved Suzies Vlogmas, and I also really enjoy reading her blog posts too.
Joe Sugg - His vlogging is always hilarious, and I have been enjoying watching his LA trip too
Louis Sprinkle of Glitter - I love her vlogs, espcially the ones featuring Jack Howard, haha

Cara - I did a collab with her on Saturday, and I am loving her Blogmas posts.
Thrifty Vintage Fashion - I really love her blog, especially her Blogmas' she has put up so far
Little World of Anna - I have read her blog for a while, and I love her Blogmas posts she's put up


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Quick Christmas Gift Ideas - Blogmas Day 10

Hey guys, todays Blogmas post is going to be a quick little gift ideas. I have a few ideas to spark your mind if your stuck for ideas, and a few extra little things that you can add to your gift to make it a little more personal.

1. Inside Jokes
I have an inside joke with many people I know, and all of the people who are on my Christmas present list. I think getting a gift that's related to an inside joke you have with your friends is an easy way to show that you put thought into your gift, and it makes that gift much more personal. Amazon is a great place for finding little gifts too.

2. Something Personalized
Getting something personal is an easy way to get a great gift. Maybe get personalized pencils, t-shirts, mugs, cards (maybe try one of those record your own message ones!) etc. Some handy sites for these are Vistaprint, and Personal Creations.

3. DIYs
Still stuck? Try a DIY. Go to Pinterest, Tumblr or some DIY blogs and find a cute idea. I really like the idea of Spa in a Jar and Cookie in a Jar so these might interest you too. DIYs shows that you have put effort into the gift. Plus DIYs like the Cookie in a Jar can be perfect for lots of people, even if you don't know them too well.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little Christmas Gift Ideas, I have changed my blog URL (again, I'm sorry) but I do quite like this one so I think this one will be staying :) I hopefully will have a bit of an update and chatty post up soon, but I want to keep my Blogmas posts Christmas themed so it may be after Christmas.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas Songs - Blogmas Day 9

Todays post is going to be a short one, but here goes-

1. My absolute favourite is Slade -  Merry Christmas Everyone. I have so many memories of listening and singing along to this one so this has got to be my favourite.

The rest are in no particular order-

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Jackson 5
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Mel and Kim
Let it Snow! - Dean Martin
Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald
I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard
Do They Know Its Christmas? - Band Aid
All I Want For Christmas is You - Mariah Carey

I will be back tomorrow with a bit of a better post (hopefully)