Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Treats - Blogmas Day 17

Today, I tried out some of Zalfies Christmas Treats and I thought I would give like a "first impressions" type of thing. You probably won't understand half the things I'm babbling on about here if you haven't watched this video.

I firstly made the candy cane lolly pops. I couldn't find any lolly-pop sticks so I decided to use another candy cane instead. This did make it a little harder to eat but I think it did look a bit cuter. Personally, I don't think you had to wait for the white chocolate to cool, it was fine straight after melting for me. I didn't try these myself, as I don't like candy canes but for the people who I gave them to, they really enjoyed them. I think these are a really cute little treat to give to friends around Christmas time.

Next, I tried out the melting snowman biscuit. These are the cutest, easiest and enjoyable to make. It is really simple. One thing I would say is that adding the arms and buttons onto the icing was quite tricky though, but done with extra thick icing or hardened icing. These were the cutest thing to make with friends and would recommend to anyone to try out.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have found that since the 12th of December, Blogmas has been harder. I think its just because everything else has been super busy, that its just harder to get a good quality post up.



  1. i tried the snowmen too, they're so cute! xx

  2. Aw they look really cute! <3


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