Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas/Winter Essentials Collab - Blogmas Day 6

Todays post is the first of three collabs I am going to be doing this month with my friend, Cara. Her blog can be found here, so go and check her out please! Todays Blogmas post is going to be my Christmas/Winter Essentials which I have really been looking forward to posting.

1. Comfy Pyjama Bottoms
I only really discovered these this year, and I wish I had discovered them before! They're really comfy and look really Christmassy too. These are from Matalan for about £9.

2. A Good Christmas Song YouTube Playlist
For me, finding a good Christmas song playlist on YouTube can be hard. You can click here to see my favourite. Playlists are just really easy, theres no stopping and searching after each song and it makes life that much easier.

3. Christmassy Nail Varnishes
I don't have a very large range of Christmassy coloured nail varnishes but some of the ones I do have are from Barry M. My favourite Christmassy one from there is this gold glitter top coat nail varnish. I just think its very festive and fun.

4. Fluffy/Warm Socks
This is a very obvious choice and its probably on every bloggers winter essentials, but they are a must. I especially love slipper socks as they're just an easier version of a slipper - and who doesn't want that?

5. Lip Balm
As the coldest months are upon us through Winter, lip balms are essentials. My first ever blogpost was on my favourite lip balms which you can see here but they have mainly stayed the same since then as I'm not too fussy about my lip balms.

6. Comfy Jumpers
I love a big comfy jumper to lounge around with. My favourites are from Gilly Hicks as I find they have the best quality ones which I can just put on and head to sleep in.

7. Good Skincare Products
Around Christmas and Winter time, my skin gets really bad dry because of the cold. Because of this, some good skincare products are needed. Some of these are the Simple Moisturiser and the Superdrug Spot Stick.

I do hope you're enjoying these Blogmas posts, and there will be one again tomorrow. Also look out for another couple of collabs from me and Cara throughout this month!

A little message from Cara-
Hi guys! It's so fun to be here on Emily's blog, she's one of my internet besties! I hope you've enjoyed Emily's post, so do come over and check out mine when your done. Leave Emi love in the comments below xx


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  1. Fluffy socks are absolutely essential. Love your pjs too. :] // ▲ ▲


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