Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Little Things I Love About Christmas - Blogmas Day 2

So, the second instalment of Blogmas is my favourite little things I love about Christmas. Yesterdays post seemed quite successful, so there may be another DIY before the end of the month :)

1. Decorations
I am one that just likes any kind of decorations in general. Christmas decorations are my favourite though. The outdoor light decorations, the little snow globes around the room, the fairy lights scattered all over every window sill. I generally just love how they make everywhere so Christmassy.

2. How Happy People Are
I generally think people are more happy around Christmas time, or is that just me? A study by the New York Times say that Christmas is one of the/the happiest days of the year. And who doesn't like happiness?

3. Wishing for Snow
One of the things I have only ever seen once was snow on Christmas day. I have always wished that it would snow on Christmas day, just to make it really festive like it is in the movies! 

4. Christmas Songs/Films
These are my favourite. Just listening to Christmas songs, or watching Christmas films with family is something I really enjoy and I don't think it would be Christmas without these.

So those four were some of the little things I love about Christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I will talk to you in tomorrows post.



  1. These are all pretty much the little things I love about Christmas too!! This is such a good Christmassy post!!

    1. Just been stalking your blog (sorry, haha) after seeing you had followed me on Bloglovin, and your Christmas tag was very interesting! I think I will be doing that tag in one of my Blogmas posts :)
      Emily xx

  2. I'm listening to Christmas songs every day now in December haha. Getting that festive spirit!
    Now I want to decorate my room (it's weird because I never liked early decorations, we decorated our house a couple days before Christmas and this year I want whole December to be festive!).



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