Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Favourite Boots

Today's post is something I have been planning to do for a while. I got these chelsea boots from Clarks for Christmas.
They're so comfy, but did need a little "wear" to get them to be so comfy. They give me a little un-needed height. I'm 5"7 which is quite tall compared to my friends, so with these boots I am a bit of a giant around them!
Sorry for the muddiness!
They're so easy to pair with outfits. Black has become the main colour of my wardrobe, and these just add to it. These make an outfit a little more "classy" for me. I'm used to slouchy tee's and skinny jeans so with these black boots, it does look a little more presentable. They also go really well with my monochrome coat, which you can see peeking at the top of the picture.
I hope you enjoyed this little post of mine, I hope to be doing more of these fashion/clothing posts. 
Do you have a favourite pair of boots?


  1. love them!

    xx danielle //

  2. Love your boots!
    My favourite pair are my maroon doc martens boots :3


I appreciate all your lovely comments, I will try and get back to you with them! xx