Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mini Clothing and Hair Haul

 I recently went shopping and picked up a few things and I thought I could write a little post about it.

1. John Frida Frizz Ease Conditioner - £3.49 - Savers
I feel like conditioner is something I'm always short on as I use so much because my hair is really thick. I normally go for Herbal Essences but today I thought I'd pick up this one. I have seen adverts for this a few times but never really thoguht twice about it. I have been looking for a conditioner that de-frizzes hair for a while now and I saw this and thought it was perfect. I haven't tried John Freida yet so I'm excited to try that out.

2. Monochrome Stripe Dress - £9.99 - New Look
I popped into New Look, just for a look and ended up spending £22, well done Emily. This was the most expensive. I saw this and thought how perfect it would be to wear and it was only £10. I'm looking forward to styling this was some stuff I have got recently.

3. 2 Pairs of Black Tights - £2.99 each - New Look
Tights are something I'm using constantly now for school as I wear skirts more than trousers recently. Almost all of my tights have holes in them which is a total pain. New Look had a 3 for 2 on with tights so I decided to pick these up.

4. Burgundy Woollen Tights - £4.99 - New Look
All my tights are black and , so I haven't got any woollen colourful tights. I thought this pair of tights would look perfect with the striped dress. I think I have fallen in love with these tights already and I haven't even tried them on yet!

5. 5 Pairs of Black Socks - £3.99 - New Look
 Lastly, I have lost all of my black socks, all of them. I keep reminding myself to go and get some more but always forget. Today my mind decided to remind me at the perfect time and so I bought these. I'm not too keen on the colourful heels but there wasn't any others so there we go.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and that your also enjoying the fact that I'm being quite active here on my blog.



  1. This post just reminded me I need to pick up some new tights! Hopefully that will be all though hehe x

    em // emandhan xo

  2. Tights are always the first thing I pick up when shopping. My kitten and my watch strap are forever making holes in them :( Rebecca | xx

  3. Love that dress!

  4. I need new socks in a really bad way, ha! Thanks for the reminder :)


    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup


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