Saturday, 14 February 2015

10 Things I Love

Today's post is going to be a Valentines special and is to do with the Secret Blogger Project. In this post, I am going to be talking about 10 things I Love. From Make-up to Films to Activities. So lets get right into it-

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is something I ramble on about in nearly all of my posts, but I just love it. I'm surprised I haven't done a review on it yet! The application and quality is so amazing.

2. Seasons
I love seasons. I love that in the Summer I can go to the beach and enjoy myself. I love that in the Winter I can snuggle up with a hot chocolate around the fire. I love that in Autumn I can wear the cutest outfits. I love that in Spring I can go for beach walks. Obviousy, there are pros and cons to each season but I just love the opportunities that different seasons give.

3. The Fault in Our Stars
I may have only watched and read it once, but that is because I'm scared that I may cry too much if I either read it or watch it again. I think the whole internet is in love with this story, but can you blame us? 

4. Photography
I love photography because it captures moments. You can make those moments last longer. It is also an art that I love to try out. I have had a few requests to do more photography posts so there will be some coming your way soon!

5. Friends and Family
Spending time with friends and family really matters to me. Yes, I do spend most of my time not socialising and spending my hours on my laptop in my room. But when I do go outside of my room, I love spending time and socialising with my friends and family. I don't know what I would do without them. 

6. Instagram and YouTube
Both of these are a serious addiction that I don't plan on giving up any time soon. YouTube doesn't need an explanation as I'm sure that most of you are addicted too. Instagram is probably my favourite social media app. I love connecting and posting edits etc. I love talking with my followers.

7. Netflix
On the same line with addictions, Netflix is another. I normally can't go a day without watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Hard core fan (not really, but I've always wanted to say that!).

8. Where I Live
I'm not going to tell the internet where I exactly live for the sake of this post, but I do love it. Although we could do with more shops, I love the beach and places around here. I love who else lives here and the activities to do here.

9. Isles of Scilly
This is a holiday destination that I have been going to annually for the last three years. I love it to pieces. I love exploring the islands and the things there. Everything thing about it has a big place in my heart.

10. You
I love blogging and I love talking to my readers. Seeing your comments makes my day. I love the fact that I can write posts like this and hear positivity thanks to you.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. This post was to do with the Secret Blogger Project - 

This post is part of a little blogger series I'm taking part in called the "secret blogger project 2015" run by teen bloggers Emily ,Rebekka and Charlotte. About 30 of us will be writing twice a week on selected little lifestyle topics and you can also go onto the twitter and instagram hashtag "#secretbp2015" to have a little chat and view everyone's posts. If you would like to join or know more (we'd love to have you!)  Instagram dm @theperks0fbeingemily or if you don't have instagram, send a quick email to! xxx


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  1. I totally agree with your explanation why you love all four season. I think the same :)


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