Tuesday, 17 February 2015

DIY Bath Bombs

Hi readers, I know I have been quite inactive recently because of my picture problem (read my last post but one to see more) but I now have two quite different posts for you (almost) ready to read. So this first one is DIY Bath Bombs. Today I decided to try out some DIY bath bombs and I think it was rather successful and super easy. So for today's post I thought I would talk you through the method etc. of the whole thing.

For the bath bombs you need-
Bicardonate of soda
Cream of tartar
Oil (I used olive)
Food colouring

Your favourite skin oil/s
Spray bottle with water
Way of moulding/storing (e.g. ice cube tray works best).

I didn't really stick too much to measurements as I didb't have enough of the ingredients to suit the recipe.

You basically add the bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar, oils, and food colouring together and mix it together. You then spray the water as many times as it gets to a sand consistency. The consistency of sand castle sand (you cant build a sand castle with dry sand - it needs to be sticky).

Then I just put the bath bombs in the ice cub moulds. Personally I think its best to do this five minutes before your bath, and then just putting the mixture in un moulding. Personally, I found that the moulding was a bit off a "ffaff" around.

A little note with the food colouring, for me, the colour of the water was much stronger than the colour of the bath bomb so just be aware that your baby pink bath bombs might turn out to have a neon bath tub water.

I did this with my nieces as I thought it was a nice little activity to do this afternoon. They thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the fizzing that they made was "magic".

I feel like a lot of people on pinterest are starting to do this and I now can see why. Its really cheap compared to lush and you get the "handmade" feeling (not that Lush isn't handmade).

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of a different post. I hope to do more of these type of posts soon. Let me know if you try these bath bombs!


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  1. I need to try this!! :))

  2. This is so creative, I'd love to recreate this in the future!
    Dalal x, monochromedaisies.blogspot.com


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