Thursday, 29 January 2015

Links I Love #1

As inspired by Blonde and Cupcakes, I am going to do a quick post talking about some websites etc. I have been loving a lot at the moment. - If you don't already know, Polyvore is an app/website where you can discover and create outfits and styles. I absolutely love designing outfits and I just find myself picking the perfect top for the perfect jeans in my spare time. I would totally recommend to anyone to try it as it has so many features that it can entertain a very large audience. - Yet again, quite a well known website but I just really love the content they put up. They're Youtube videos are great too. I love having a quick scroll through their articles before bed. - This is one of the blogs I have been reading a lot of recently. She posts really often and has great posts so I recommend to go and check her blog out - Throughout 2014, Hannah Maggs has probably been my favourite youtuber. I love the content her and Stef put up and the editing just gets better week by week. So, if you have a quick 20 minutes to spare, go and watch one of their videos! - I know this is a bit of an obvious one as I think I have talked about Netflix quite a few times on here. If you somehow didn't know already, Netflix is just a program in which you can watch a load of films and tv shows. I'm watching Pretty Little Liars at the moment and it is amazing! - If anyone asks me what spotify is, I normally just say a song version for Netflix. You basically just get endless songs and playlists and its just amazing. No more explanation needed.

I think thats about it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and I will possibly do more in the future.



  1. Ha, I've been on all the time recently too! Interesting and funny website :)

  2. Hannah Maggs are my favorite too - she is so honest and down to earth.

    I am glad that you introduced me to Emily Fayes blog :)

    Great post and blog! :)


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