Sunday, 18 January 2015

Crown Make-Up Brushes Review

"The 7 Piece Pink Sable set have all been constructed with a high grade sable, goat and synthetic blend. Each brush features a matte silver ferrule and birch wood handle covered in the “perfect” shade of pink. Perfect for creating a flawless face (whatever the occasion) the Pink Leatherine case pockets keep everything organised." -

Today's post is going to be a a quick review for the Crown Make-up brushes that I recently got for Christmas.

This adorable set of make-up brushes was a gift from my parents for Christmas. I was unaware that Crown did make-up brushes, I thought they only did painting brushes. Little did I know that they had a great range of brushes, over quite a range of prices. Before I talk about the whole range by Crown, I will talk a little about my set.

This set includes 7 brushes. 1 large powder brush, which I use for face powder; 1 smaller powder brush, for bronzer or highlighter; 1 foundation brush; 3 eyeshadow brushes, over a range of sizes and an eyeliner brush.

The brushes are all great, all do their jobs perfectly. They're also really easy to store and travel with thanks to the case. Plus they're the perfect pink to match the polka dots on my make-up bag!

This link will take you to the Crown brushes range. I would really recommend to anyone to have a quick look.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post, I will have another post tomorrow.


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  1. Lovely post and blog! I have never heard of these makeup brushes before but they sound and look really good. X


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