Thursday, 22 January 2015

Chamilia Bracelet

My Chamilia bracelet has been seen many times around my wrist lately. I got this around a year ago and I haven't worn a lot until lately. If you didn't know, Chamilia are most well known for their charm bracelets. Similar to Pandora and Tiffany charm bracelets, Chamilia is in the same price range. I thought today that I would talk about it a little.

I got the Flex Bracelet which is a little different to the average charm bracelet. I got this as I think it would look good with or without many charms on it.

To date, I have two charms on my bracelet. My first is an E charm. I got this for my birthday, and I have worn it quite a bit. The second is a trio charm, with two silver rings and a pink one.

I understand that this is quite a short post but I hope to have an extra long one sometimes next week.



  1. This is beautiful- I love it! Which is your favourite charm? X

  2. This is stunning- I love it! Which charm is your favourite? X

  3. Probably the trio! I love the pink stones on it xx

  4. The bracelet is so simple and beautiful, lovely charms :3


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