Thursday, 15 January 2015

Daily School Make-up

I'm snuggled up in bed, listening to an acoustic playlist on Spotify and writing a little blogpost. A very relaxing Thursday night, although a cup of tea would be lovely. Today's post is going to be my daily school make-up routine/look. Seeing as I don't do very much with my make-up on weekdays, I thought this little mid-week post would be fitting.

I firstly moisturise, not always but normally every two days. I love the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser is amazing. It's great before make-up as it blends in really quickly and really works.

Next thing is foundation. I have mentioned this foundation quite a few times before, the Hello Flawless foundation by Benefit. I have promised to do a full review on this and it is coming, don't worry! Anyway, I use this and I absolutely love it. I normally use my fingers for this as I find a brush blends the foundation in too much and makes me orange.

Next step is concealer. My long love for the Collection Lasting Perfection is still on going and I'm still using it daily (as I have been for probably the last year). I love how this it is and works for my under eyes and spots which is great.

I always put on my matte white shade of eyeshadow from my Oh So Special palette from Sleek. This just brightens my eyes and acts a bit like a foundation for my eyelids (I never thought I would ever write that out!).

I then go to curl my lashes and add mascara. I recently bought the Collection No Clumps mascara. I didn't have high hopes for this as I normally find more expensive mascaras work better with me. But I was totally wrong, this is amazing. Would recommend to anyone.

I then lastly finish with the Stay Matte powder from Rimmel. I just put a bit of this on just to stop any unwanted shinyness on my face.

I don't normally do anything with my lips. Sometimes a quick lip balm but no colour etc. I find its a little too much for school.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Comment below if you'd like to see some more make-up looks and I will make sure to do some more in the future.



  1. I like to use white eyeshadow on my eyelids for school too, such a simple thing to do and does wonders. Yeah, I would love to see more makeup looks :)

  2. Lovely post and blog! The collection concealer and the rimmel powder are one of my all time favourites! If you could only wear one of these products what would it be? X


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