Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Little Word About Blogging

Blogging is great isn't it? You get to write about what you want, connect with other people of the same interests as you that you probably would never ever meet without your blog, get to work with companies (and even make a few pounds out of it if you're lucky enough), increase your writing and photography skill and so much more.

I went through a phase of getting crap about blogging (its the only word that really describes it) and I felt like deleting my blog, forgetting about all the above things. But, in the last few months, I have loved blogging so very much. I have met so many more people, worked with a company, made some more friends and been getting a lot more satisfied with the content I have been uploading.

So, the aim of this quick post is to remind all my fellow bloggers out there to just keep on blogging - please don't give up. Whether you have a small audience like mine or a huge audience, or if you only upload once a month or post daily - never give up. Where are you going to get if you give up?

This post is very different to the content I usually upload but it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these type of posts. I am going on holiday from tomorrow until Monday, so I won't be posting but I will probably have a few holiday posts when I get back! xx

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  1. I needed this post today, I really enjoyed reading it xx

  2. Aww Em I glad you decided to keep your blog then I wouldn't have meet you


I appreciate all your lovely comments, I will try and get back to you with them! xx