Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring Has Sprung - Outfit and Activities

To celebrate the first days of Spring, I will be posting a trilogy series this weekend. From hair to snacks to DIY's will be coming your way on this blog this weekend.
Today's post is outfit and activities inspiration for Spring.

Today's the first the a series I hope to do seasonally. This series is a trilogy posts at the start of each season to give some inspiration and ideas for the upcoming season. Today's post is a outfit and activities post, so I hope you enjoy.

For some fashion staples, this season I'm probably going to be living in patterns. My main key pieces I have at the moment is my stipy monochrome dress, stripy navy crop top, monochrome leggins and floral dress.

Something else I will probably be wearing a lot is my burgundy cropped rib jumper. This is great as it's cropped but still gives the warmth of a jumper.

For shoes, I will be wearing a lot of my converse and riding style boots. Two of my favourite pairs of shoes.

Some activity ideas I have for you guys are-
  • Baking. Baking is great as you can do it out of your cupboard, get free recipies on line and make something (hopefully) you can eat. Fun and food. Its a win win situation.
  • Make a Collage. I decided to let a bit of my creative streak go and make a bit of a collage. I got some nature-ie pictures (because I feel that thats what spring is all about) from an old magazine and stick them in a little collage on a piece of paper. You can do this for style inspiration, friends, memories etc. 
  • Go for a walk. Spring brings (almost) summer weather which means going outside a bit more. I love going for beach walks. If your feeling extra outgoing, take a bit of a picnic with you!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post. Make sure to keep an eye out for two more of these type of posts this weekend.



  1. I really like this post, I think this spring I am going to go on more walks, it might be relaxing when I'm busy revising. Xx

  2. I loved this! Love spring walks especially x

  3. Really want to try the Zoella fragrance!! That's such a pretty sun set!!

  4. I like the Spring series idea, posts are very interesting and useful :)


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