Saturday, 7 March 2015

MAC Myth Review

Hey guys, todays' post is going to be a little review of a lipstick I have been loving lately. Around about a month or two ago, I purchased the MAC Myth lipstick. I had been wanting to try out a nude lipstick for a while and I also really fancied purchasing my first MAC lipstick.

The picture makes the lipstick look a little more brown  than it actually is, its more of a pinky nude than the picture makes it seem. I was a little bit rushed to get the lipstick, so I didn't make sure I got the right shade to fit my complexion. I would recommend to anyone, when buying a nude lip product, make sure it fits your complexion.

When I first tried it on once I was home, it was a little odd for me. I hadn't tried a nude lip before and it got some getting used to. But now, I love this. The application is pretty easy, but a lip liner would be handy. This lipstick looks great with natural looks, or quite daring eye looks with a subtle lip like this.
This is a collab with Dalal from Monochrome Daisies. She's also talking about her favourite lipstick so go and have a look and leave a lovely comment for her! xx



  1. Ooh what a lovely post! Such a pretty and versatile lipstick! xx

  2. I've always wanted to try a mac lipstick,and when I do I'll make sure I take my time

  3. Ah this lipstick looks so pretty, my post should be up by tomorrow :)

    Dalal x

  4. Such a lovely shade, I must try this at some point! :) xx


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