Thursday, 2 April 2015

Revision Tips

Hi guys, long time no see but I'm back from my holiday with a revision post for you. My revision for my GCSE exams start now and I thought I would show you some of my revision tips.

1.  Colours
I'm quite a visual learner, so colour is a must for me. I got a set of red, green, blue and black pens from Poundland for just a £1 (theres a surprise) and they're really good. I use this a lot with diagrams etc. to make them a little more fun and less boring.

2. Tea
I can not revise without tea. I'm an avid tea drinker anyway, but I feel like tea is the only thing that can keep me sane through the revision.

3. Sticky Notes
After writing out my notes and doing some exercises, I like to put sticky notes around my room and the house to give me little reminders of things I struggle with.

4. Rewards
Give yourself rewards for your revision (sweets are a favourite of mine). Maybe after every ten minutes of revision, give yourself a little sweet. After remembering a whole set of terms, give yourself a little tea break.

5. Spotify
I am a musical reviser (I'm pretty sure that isn't a thing). I basically prefer revising to music in the background. Depending on my mood, I switch from Ed Sheeran to Mumford and Sons to revision playlists. I feel like I constantly talk about spotify on here, but it is something I use daily and I love it.

6. Past Papers
If you're in the Uk like me (I'm not sure about other countries), you can print off past papers for free off the WJEC website. I think I have printed off about 3 for each subject because I feel like they give me some ground and idea of what to expect in the exam.

7. Organise
Organisation is the key to revising for me. If I haven't organised everything, my mind is everywhere and I can't concentrate on learning. Make a timetable, write down the things you want to do each day or maybe just put everything into piles so its easier to switch from subject to subject.

Some Revision Favourites-
Oxford A5 Project Book - I love this notebook as the paper quality is amazing, you have removable dividers made especially for the notebook and lots more. I think it was around £4 and I would totally recommend opting for this notebook rather than a plain cheap one as it makes all the difference.
DISconnect - This app and many others available, allows you to switch off your apps and get you to concentrate on revision and stop yourself from procrastinating.

I've also just made a quick revision pinterest board which you can see here

This is a group collaboration with other girlies who are giving you some more revision tips over on their blogs so go give them a look-



  1. Aw thanks for the tips and thanks for doing a collab with me! Yours were actually v helpful- I must get that disconnect app, all too guilty of "revising" but really I spent 3 hours on Instagram stalking people aha...

  2. This is very helpful thankyou
    I always make sure I have the correct text book for each exam.
    I love cgp books x

  3. Really love those tips x I HAVE to be organised if nothings organised I cannot revise whether its if my rooms dirty or anything x

  4. I’ve nominated you for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’! Check out my post here to find out what you need to do:- :) xx

  5. Such great tips, I love that you've included tea as well - definitely a necessity for revision! I cannot concentrate on notes and remembering things with music in the background, I'm always so jealous of people who can though because any background noise at all just distracts me!


  6. I love these tips :) I usually listen to instrumental music, there is a channel on you tube called Study Project with amazing playlists that keep you concentrated. Also, I like my notes to be colourful haha it looks like a rainbow throwup :P And a big bottle of water is my best friend when I'm studying
    Thank you for sharing the tips. Wish you all the best with your exams xx

    Pink Demure

  7. I really need to try that DISconnect app sounds very helpful! Unfortunately I can never listen to music when revising, I end up having a jam session rather than studying haha
    Dalal xx,


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