Friday, 3 April 2015

Day in the Life - Icelandic Holiday

As some of you may know, I recently went on holiday to Iceland with school. As a part of the Secret Blogger Project, we have to do a day in the life post. So, I decided to talk you through one of my days out in Iceland.

After getting up and dressed we headed to see the first of three waterfalls this day. This one was so beautiful, but you did get a little wet as the water was so powerful.

We had to climb up 429 stairs (yes, we counted) at 9;30 in the morning to get a better view. It was a challenge, and I'm not quite sure if it was worth it!

 Iceland is surrounded in snow this time of the year, so we did a little bit of snow angel-ing!

With the next waterfall, we were lucky enough to be able to walk behind it. It was an amazing sight.

Don't mind the water drops all over the above photo!

 We then stopped at a location of one of the Games of Thrones scenes but the snow was a little more exciting (I don't watch Game of Thrones, so I didn't go up to take a picture).

The last waterfall we went to see today was two adjoining waterfalls. I personally thought this one was the most beautiful of them all.

We did a quick stop at a horse shelter type of thing. In Iceland, horses are really popular as Icelandic horses as they can do an extra type of walk (I'm not a horsey person myself, but research it if you're interested).

Our last stop this day was at the Reykjavik cathedral. This is probably the most amazing cathedral I've ever seen. It was a little hard to get all of it into a picture though!

I hope you enjoyed this post, its very different to my average post. Let me know if you'd like to see some more day in the life posts. I will have another post all about Reykjavik coming soon so keep an eye out for that! 

This post is part of a little blogger series I'm taking part in called the "secret blogger project 2015" run by teen bloggers Emily ,Rebekka and Charlotte. About 30 of us will be writing twice a week on selected little lifestyle topics and you can also go onto the twitter and instagram hashtag "#secretbp2015" to have a little chat and view everyone's posts. If you would like to join or know more (we'd love to have you!)  Instagram dm @theperks0fbeingemily or if you don't have instagram, send a quick email to! xxx



  1. It looks so cool, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really like this post xx

  2. Iceland looks sooo amazing it seemed like you have an awesome time xx | Ambra xx

  3. This looks great, I love the adjoining waterfalls! You should definitely do more of these! xx

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  4. your post and photos are great. And Iceland looks beautiful :) do you like it?

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