Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is here (I think, here in the UK it will probably be winter tomorrow, so I better not get my hope up) and I have a few beauty products which I will be using a lot of this summer. So here they are, with a little review for each one.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in I'm Pure for Sure
This product is one I have been raving about for quite a while as I have used almost all of it up throughout winter and spring. I think this will be perfect for summer (once I order another) as it's a light foundation. Summer is a time for light make-up, lets not get too cakey. This foundation is also a little buildable, so if you're not too keen on light make-up (as I feel quite a lot of the time) then you can build up the coverage with this one. Yes, the product is great but can we just appreciate the packaging for a minute, how cute is it?!

Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent 001
Lets face it, summer means sweat, and when my face gets a little shiny this is a must have. I think its one of the cheapest powders in the drugstore and I can't find anything that beats it. Just chuck it into your bag (but be careful, the packaging isn't best) and bring it around with you this summer for whenever you need a little matte-ifying.

Sleek Bronze Block in Light
I may of bought this in a moment when I could pull off a bit of a bronze on my ghostly white face but it has turned out to be rather amazing. Its just a block of three different matte shades of bronze and a shimmery blush. Whenever I feel like adding a little bit of colour to my face, this comes out of my make-up bag. I kind of think of it as a beginners bronzer. This is perfect for summer, as if you suffer from the same as me, you don't tan, only grow freckles (its a pain, and it also means there's no end to my pale little potato face). This little bronze block can make people think you're capable of tanning. And yet again, I am a big fan of its packaging. Sometimes I just use it as a portable mirror as its small and the product hardly makes the mirror dirty, unlike my eyeshadow palettes.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 05
I remember raving about this in the early days of my blog and I recently retrieved it and I'veremembered how much I've missed it. It's a sort of my lips but better shade. The colour reminds me of summer flowers so it's a perfect pick for me when it comes to summer. Also, it's really affordable too which is always a plus.

I really hope you lot enjoyed this post. I actually went outside (shocker) to take the pictures, do you think it's an improvement? I also added my shades for whoever is interested. Remember to not hesitate to comment or get in contact with me, I love speaking to you guys.



  1. I would love to try the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation and the Sleek bronzing/blush block, they look really good in terms of quality. Just a bit of advice is maybe to make your writing a bit bigger because it was quite hard to read but other than that amazing post -as usual-
    Dalal xo monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Dalal, I will make sure to up the size of the text by my next post xx

  2. My sister has the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation and its amazing just like you said. Im still in need to try the stay matte powder as I have seen so many bloggers rave about it and haha I just need it. Sorry for the late comment but lovely post x

    Ambra // fridaysarefab.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely pictures!!!

    Lana // http://affraiclana.blogspot.ie/


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