Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hello Again

Long time no see.. For the past month I think, my laptop has been getting fixed and at last, I have it back. I have missed blogging so much, much more than I expected. So today I thought I would do a little catch up chat and tell you whats in store on here.

I am also sat my first GCSE exam today, so whilst my laptop was getting fixed I had a lot of revision done. I feel like its a sort of love/hate thing with me and my revision. I sometimes love how organised it is and learning, but I also hate it when I'm not at all motivated.

So, now that I'm back here are some stuff that I have planned-
-I hope to do all the Secret Blogger Project posts that I have missed
-I need to bring some beauty back here, so I may have some reviews planned..
-I really enjoyed some of the Iceland posts that I put up, and you lot seemed to like it too, so I hope to do some of that type of posts too

Anyway, until next time (which hopefully won't be too long), 


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