Saturday, 6 September 2014

Back to School Q&A

I was inspired by to do a back to school Q&A and so I asked a few of my followers to ask me questions on Back to School :)

1. How do you style your hair on the first day back?
I go back to school tomorrow (*cries*) but I will probably put my hair up in a bun. This is really my go to style as my hair is quite long and a like to have it out of my face. Also buns are really easy and you can style them in a load of different ways.

2. How do you deal with a workload of school work?
From my past experiences, I have just left and tried to forget about it haha, but tis year I am going to do my work straight away. If you're talking about homework I would recommend you do it as soon as you come back from school because then you can do whatever you like for the rest of the day.

3. How do you concentrate in class?
Im not really sure how to answer this one, but personally I normally concentrate okay in class except for when Im really tired. I would recommend not looking at the time as that normally puts me off my work :)

4. How do you make friends?
I believe if you ask anyone "How do you make friends?" the answer will be "Just be yourself" which I totally agree with, and if these people dont like you being yourself, then they dont deserve to be friends with you :)

5. How can you adjust to a new school and teachers?
I have only moved school once, and that was from primary school to secondary but I think you should just concentrate on work and having fun because after all, school for isn't all of your life.

Hope you liked this little blogpost, I enjoyed writing it :) 

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