Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Little Beauty Tips

Its been a while, and I have been busy but heres a quick beauty tips blog post :)

I have been collecting beauty tips, whether I discovered them myself or from others. I thought I would round it off to give you 5 Little Beauty Tips.

1- Use a light eyeshadow and a dark mascara to make your lashes stand out
2- Apply a lipstick of a similar colour to your lips and then apply whatever colour eyeshadow on top
3- Allow two fingers from your nose to where your blush starts
4- Dont "pump" your mascara, it will put more oxygen into the tube making it dry out faster
5- Use your cream blush as a lip product



  1. Your blog is so cute I love the template. Beauty tips are good to know. Be my blogger buddy?.. hehehe I kinda rhymed

    1. I would love to :) I have followed x


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