Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Favourite Colour this Winter..

This Winter and Autumn season I have loved the colour burgundy. Its just so nice its just, wow. I have chosen my top 5 items of clothing in the colour and I have written a bit about them :)
This is my knitted zip-up jumper. Its soo comfy and I just love it. The zip at the back doesn't make it the easiest to put on, but after a couple of minutes of trying to see how far your arm can bend, you'll probably get there (if you're a little less lazy than me, you can always walk downstairs and find someone to zip it up for you :P). I got this from New Look and it was £17.99 which I was willing to pay as it was burgundy. It also came in a navy and a cream colour.
I also picked up this infinity (aka snood) scarf from New Look too. It is so comfy to wear (comfort is always a must with any kind of clothing) and I just love infinity scarfs. It isn't too heavy, which is why I chose this one instead of a cable knit ones as I feel like they can be a little heavy, if you get what I mean.

The next thing I have loved which is the colour burgundy is this knitted beanies. I decided this year that I will allow myself to buy one beanie each year, one and only one. This is because if I didn't restrict myself, I would buy about ten each year and only wear one or two. So this year, I picked up this burgundy knitted beanie. It is quite thick and it does keep you warm. It also has this pom-pom on the top which is fab because how can you not love pom-poms?
The next thing is this burgundy top and yet again its from New Look. Its kind of lacy in a way but not too see-through but I would recommend a black vest under it. This top isn't the warmest but it does look quite nice on. Its thin but its what you would expect from a top really. I would normally wear this with some black skinny jeans and some gold jewellery but really, how you style your clothing is completely up to you.
(The link wasn't available as I bought it about a month ago or so.)

My last fashion piece is this knitted cardigan. I got this last year, from yet again New Look. Its a chunky knitted cardigan and keeps you very very warm, perfect for the winter. Its lasted me a year and I can see it lasting me longer. Its perfect for lounging around days and just going shopping or something :)
(Again, the link wasn't available as I bought it a year ago)

Side-note: Bit of a longer blogpost today, thanks for reading :) 

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