Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Reason Behind the Emptiness of my Bank Account

Recently, I realised how little summer clothes I have (or I may have used that as an excuse to buy a few clothing items which may have lead to a lot less money in my bank account). Anyway, here are the my recent clothing purchases..

Patterned Shorts
I recently stocked up my patterned shorts as I love patterned shorts. I love how easy they are to pair with other things and how I can add tights to wear them all year round.

Light Blue Shorts with Butterflies - Primark (Pyjama Shorts)
Purple Patterned Shorts - Matalan
Dark Blue with White Dots - Primark
Floral Skort - H&M
Black and White Shorts - Primark

I'm not a big swimmer, but I thought that I should get some new swimsuits to wear on holiday and to the beach if the weather decides to warm up.

Swimsuit - Primark (It's soo pretty!)
Bikini - Gilly Hicks

I may have bought 2 navy dresses.. but they're really pretty.

Maxi Dress - New Look (only £6 in the sale)
Short Dress - Primark

Lastly, I bought a bralette and sunglasses. I may do a how to style bralettes post if you guys are interested.

Bralette - Misguided
Sunglasses - Primark

Thanks for having a look at this post, a lot of these items will be featuring in a post tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Seeing as I'm making a come-back, what type of posts would you like to see on here?


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  1. I love the patterned shorts you have brought, if only the weather was good enough to x


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